The admission interview is part of the prestigious Trinity College CertTESOL course admissions process.

We need to see if the Trinity College CertTESOL course is the right match for your requirements.

One of the questions we ask is:

“What do you hope to get from the Trinity College CertTESOL course?”

There are trends in the answers.

  1. Get professionally trained and increase job opportunities
  2. Get an official teaching certificate
  3. Improve, consolidate and build on existing teaching skills
  4. Learn how to teach confidently, correctly and effectively
  5. Self-improvement and growth as an English teacher

Here are the answers from some of our recent attendees.

Some have taught before, and some have not.

They have in common that they have all done exhaustive research and decided that the best certificate for them is the Trinity College CertTESOL.

Have a look at what they say.


“As a teacher, I need to have the skills to handle stress management and high-stress critical thinking. I know the Trinity College CertTESOL course will give me the tools to improve necessary skills for my job as a teacher.”


“I want the opportunity to teach. I have many friends who are English language learners, and I can see the need for professional and qualified teachers to help them out. However, I also want to understand my language better.”


“I want to improve my English teaching skills and capabilities. I am a certified and qualified Italian language teacher, so I know the importance of being professionally trained before teaching English.”


“I believe that the Trinity College CertTESOL course will show me how to teach English correctly. I want to learn the basics of English teaching and learn how to adapt content and materials to each student’s level. Only a course like the Trinity College CertTESOL can show me this.”


“I want to start a new career in teaching. I want to learn how to teach. I already have some students, and I am unsure if I am teaching them correctly, so this course will show me how to teach effectively.”


“I want to get an official teaching certificate. I want to learn methodologies, lesson planning on how to teach English.”


“I want to put my people skills, love for languages, group dynamics to good use. The best way I see of achieving this is through teaching. The Trinity College CertTESOL is the best way to do the job professionally. So I am doing the Trinity College CertTESOL course to challenge and stretch my mind.”


“I want to improve my teaching skills. By doing this accredited course, I can raise my teaching skills. The Trinity College CertTESOL course will also hopefully open networking with other EFL teachers.”


“I have learned teaching from trial and error. I want to do the Trinity College CertTESOL course to consolidate my knowledge, skills and experience. I have been teaching English for more than ten years to students from 10 to 18 years old, and I want to teach them properly. I need to know how to plan lessons, come up with engaging material and activities and not teach on a trial-and-error basis.”


“I want to acquire know-how on grammar and pronunciation. I want to gain teaching experience from this course. I want to learn new techniques on how to come up with different engaging material for adult English learners.”


I need to learn how to teach correctly. I have been teaching English informally, but I feel I will need the structure and formal training the Trinity College CertTESOL course can give.”


“I hope to develop interpersonal skills that would aid me in my teaching. I also want to broaden my knowledge of teaching English and the skills associated with it. Therefore, I feel that the Trinity College CertTESOL certificate is a good investment for my future English teaching career.”


“The Trinity College CertTESOL certification allows me to teach English in a Spanish community.”


“First and foremost, I want to keep enhancing myself and keep growing. I have some teaching experience teaching science in the classroom. I have also done some remote, virtual teaching.”


“I want to become confident in my teaching. The Trinity College CertTESOL certificate will help me deal with international schools employing me in the future.”


“I hope to get the Trinity College CertTESOL certificate to improve my job opportunities. I would eventually want to use my certificate to find TEFL and TESOL work in Ireland.”


“Even though I have been an “auxiliar de conversacion” (teaching assistant) in Madrid, I knew I lacked training. I want to get the proper training on how to teach EFL/ESL.”


“I want to get an official qualification to teach English.”