Accredited TESOL certification with job placement

Why is the EBC Trinity CertTESOL TESOL certification with job placement different from the rest?

TEFL and TESOL certification with job placement promises grow like mushrooms. Almost every day, you will find new companies have sprung up overnight and make outrageous promises, some of which are fake. Except for the Trinity CertTESOL and the CELTA, the rest are inferior.

The increasing number of courses not accepted and recognised by the British Council forces employers to be more demanding and discriminating when selecting new EFL/ESL teaching staff.

The need

Private language schools, training colleges, elementary and secondary schools, multinational business corporations, etc., look for quality TEFL teachers. These employers are mainly concerned to recruit new graduates that can make an immediate contribution without a lengthy induction process. They want professionally trained teachers with a trustworthy and quality TEFL or TESOL certificate.

The answer

Professionally training for your initial EFL/ESL teaching job and your future careers is therefore vitally important. This article discusses the innovative and collaborative placement and careers preparation programme given to trainees at the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL course.

The Trinity CertTESOL is a trustworthy and quality TEFL and TESOL certificate. Don’t be fooled by TESOL in the name; you also get trained in TEFL techniques. The Trinity CertTESOL has “no questions asked” British Council acceptance which is important because the British Council has schools in 109 countries. In addition, the Trinity CertTESOL is accredited, is Ofqual level 5 and, unlike every other course except the CELTA, the Trinity CertTESOL is externally moderated. External moderation guarantees quality which is what employers want and expect.

The training course and job placement

The Trinity CertTESOL certificate course is jointly delivered by your course trainer and a careers advisor. The key to the success of this programme is the synergy developed between the two programme coordinators. They combine their extensive pedagogical experience and career counselling skills to make you attractive to employees.

The EBC Trinity College CertTESOL worldwide, lifetime job placement preparation includes a proforma CV which the trainees can see and access with their student ID. This prepared CV outlines a uniform summary of what you learned in the course. The only part the trainees must complete would be their objectives, personal details, and work experience (not necessarily teaching-related).

The job placement preparation is a structured and dynamic programme of workshops aimed at career planning/career opportunities, placement preparation and job interview techniques.

The application process is composed of CV writing, recruitment process advice, interview techniques, mock interviews, which involve both tutor and career adviser’s assessments and feedback. In addition, students are required, at short notice, to give brief presentations and conduct interviews. This roleplay as interviewers and interviewees to develop interpersonal and communication skills and gain confidence as an EFL/ESL teacher.

The job workshops also deal with opportunities and preferences based on geographical employer demands. Specific case studies, experiences of previous trainees, student advisers, tutors are all discussed in the workshops. In addition, trainees get advised on further training they may want to take, such as the Trinity College London CertPT.

When the moderation schedule permits, a senior manager of a hiring language school presents to graduating trainees adding credibility to the programme and highlighting the competitive nature of the recruitment process and the need for high-quality teachers.

‘Killer questions’ are discussed in the mock interviews, and we suggest appropriate answers.

Great English teaching jobs are around, but these jobs are only open to you if you are professionally trained. Good schools will not hire people who are not TEFL qualified. EBC offers the following training courses:

  1. Four-week Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid
  2. Online Trinity CertTESOL course in our virtual classroom

The Madrid course and the online course graduates have the same Trinity CertTESOL accredited TESOL certification. The Online course, when completed, gives you the same Trinity College CertTESOL certification as if you did the Onsite course. In addition, the Trinity CertTESOL certificate you get DOES NOT have the word “online” on it. Both CertTESOL courses follow the same curriculum, the same material. The only difference is either you take your CertTESOL course in Madrid or study in your own home or office.

EBC’s TESOL certification with job placement is exclusively for EBC graduates

Our worldwide, lifetime job programme has been highly effective for the last 17 years. Our job programme is an exclusive service for EBC graduates. If you are not a graduate of EBC, please do not ask us to find you an English teaching job. This is especially important to say. The reason is that, over the last 17 years, we have had several requests to join or buy into the worldwide lifetime job placement service. The reason for this is because graduates from other schools could not find English teaching jobs. Their schools did not have any job search help or after course support whatsoever. We at EBC give a lifetime and worldwide job placement service. We also provide unlimited career advice to our graduates, those transitioning to other EFL/ESL jobs, moving to other countries for their English teaching jobs, or those moving into the EFL/ESL senior management departments.

It is pretty straightforward. There are English teaching jobs but getting the right connections to get good English teaching jobs is not easy. So if you want to teach English abroad, join EBC and use our job programme. Would you prefer that we get your CV delivered direct to the hiring manager or Director of Studies’ desks, or do you want to do it yourself? ‘The choice is yours.