Need to find English teaching jobs abroad?

If you do, then our find English teaching jobs abroad article is for you.

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of the process, I have to comment on differing perceptions of success. I just read an article posted by a competitor showing the success story of someone who went to train and teach in Barcelona. Out of professional courtesy neither the competitor nor the teacher are named.

The student has been in Barcelona for more than one month after graduating. She only has six hours of work that she picked up from someone who she met by accident and was leaving. She is still not working for language schools and is still sending out CVs trying to get more hours. She is earning about half of what is needed to survive in Barcelona.

From EBC’s perspective, this is a failure story. The student is more than one month past finishing the course, has a woefully inadequate income, and has the additional pressure of continuing to look for jobs on her own.

EBC knows that looking for work on your own is not easy. This is the reason why EBC manages the job process for you so you get working asap without all the headaches of finding schools and sending CVs.

What you need to do to find English teaching jobs abroad

The EBC job placement program does just about everything for you. All you have to do is:

  1. Add your CV to our job placement system
  2. Tell us where you want to work
  3. Attend interviews

EBC does ALL the rest.

If you are not an EBC graduate, keep reading because this is what you have to do.

You are not in the country where you want to find English teaching jobs

If you are not in the country where you want to teach abroad, use these 13 find English teaching jobs abroad portals.

  1. Daves ESL Cafe
  2. ESL Base
  3. ESL Employment
  4. TESOL dot net
  5. TEFL dot net
  6. Transitions Abroad
  7. Footprints Recruiting
  8. ESL Job Feed
  9. Total ESL
  10. Tesall
  11. ESL Job Find

You are in the country where you want to find English teaching jobs

If you are in the country where you want to teach abroad, look for jobs locally.

To do this, you will have to look in the local yellow pages and newspapers to find schools.

You will then have to contact each school either by email or phone to find out to whom you should send your CV/resume.

What many job seekers end up doing is walking the streets and dropping off their CVs/resumes in person in the hope that they will get lucky. This is the best way to make any language school think that you are a “backpacker” teacher.

The entire process is laborious, time-consuming and random. You may get lucky, you may not.

EBC does not do any of the above to help you find teaching jobs abroad

If you would like to see what we do, click here for a detailed description of why our job program is unique and beats all our competitors.

“It should be understood that while you (EBC) cannot guarantee that everyone will be employed, it’s pretty much going to happen.” Carrie Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
“A very good, well-run course. The job placement is as advertised. I had 10 hours work before I finished the course.” Jennifer Pierce, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA