Get a job teaching English abroad – the three most important things you need to know.

Many people dream of working overseas to experience life in another culture, learn or improve language skills, meet up with a special friend or help people develop their English language skills.

The most practical way to convert this dream into reality is to get a job teaching English abroad.

On any given day, there are lots of English teaching job opportunities at international schools and language academies worldwide.

Many people choose this route and get a job teaching English abroad every year. English has become the dominant language for international trade, so countries dependent on exports are eager to learn English.

The best and highest paying teaching jobs are always given to applicants with an accredited TEFL or TESOL certificate. It is possible to find work with second-rate certification, but the pay and conditions will be poor. In addition, your employment will always be precarious because the school may replace you without warning if they recruit a teacher with accredited certification.

If you want to get a job teaching English abroad, here are three foundation tips for converting the dream into reality.

The three most important tips to get a job teaching English abroad

  1. Take a TEFL course that is accredited.
  2. Make sure the training school will get you interviews leading to job offers.

If you make sure that the course you attend meets these three conditions, you will find it very easy to get a job teaching English abroad.

1 – Why take an accredited course?

This type of accreditation means that the course has been reviewed and approved by teaching professionals from either a university or an examination board.

2 – Why is job help important?

You will learn to teach to get a job teaching English. Ensure that the school you train with really helps you get a job.

Giving you a list of schools or helping you perform a job search, in our opinion, is not job help.

Anyone can perform a job search simply by looking at internet job portals. Another problem is that you have to do everything yourself, which is time-consuming and frustrating. The final issue is that you will be one of the hundreds of job applicants, so your chances of making it to the hiring manager’s desk are pretty slim. Some TEFL schools have articles on their blogs preparing their students for rejection and encouraging perseverance. Why?

Real job help is where your CV/resume goes directly to the hiring manager, and you don’t do anything except write up your CV. The training school should take care of the rest.

EBC’s job programme means that schools contact you; you do not have to contact them. The latter is what EBC does. We manage the process for you. We make sure that your CV/resume is correct and attractive. Once we have reviewed it, we send it directly to hiring managers.


Follow these tips, and you will find a job teaching English abroad faster.