I’ve always wanted to live abroad and teach English

Time to finalise my dream! I’ve always wanted to live abroad and teach English. But I knew that I had to learn how to teach before I could teach! I couldn’t imagine standing in front of my English language students with absolutely no clue how to teach! I guess that has never been me. I am, I think, what you call a planner. Today, I applied for my Road2Spain package. It’s the first day of Spring, and it’s my new beginning.

I want to save some money before I fly to Spain. So I’m doing my Trinity CertTESOL online. I will study on the July or Aug course and arrive in Madrid in September with my Trinity CertTESOL certificate, ready to live and work in exciting Madrid! Woo hoo! What a great way to start Spring. All my plans are finally in place.

Are you looking for an affordable, one-year Spanish student visa programme?

Are you young, a student, just finished your studies or have a limited budget?

None of these can stop your dreams of travelling, seeing exciting new places, meeting people and having unforgettable experiences.

The only things you need are:

  1. a vivid imagination,
  2. drive and determination,
  3. no fear for the unknown,
  4. a willingness to meet new people,
  5. your student visa, which you can get on the Road2Spain package,
  6. and sheer “joie de vivre”!

See Europe with your Spanish student visa

A Spanish student visa lets you see Europe, and it is worry-free!

Travel in Europe has never been so beneficial for young people and accessible. Do some online research and get information about all the possibilities, discounts, and specific offers for young people.

Don’t be passive. Don’t let anyone put you off.

What are you waiting for if you want to see Europe with your Spanish student visa? As the advert says, “Just Do It”.

Now I’ll give you some practical advice and share some great experiences.

You can use your student visa to enjoy the 27 countries in the EU, worry-free travel in and out of Spain, and live the best year of your life.But, off course, the best way for young people to travel Europe is by train.

Why is travelling by train such a good option?

  1. You don’t need a lot of money.
  2. You plan every detail of the journey yourself.
  3. You can stop whenever and wherever you want.
  4. You can avoid embarrassing tourist traps.
  5. You can avoid hysterical mass tourism.
  6. You will meet a lot of people your age.
  7. You can make good friends, maybe for life.
  8. You can change your plans along the way.
  9. You can decide to spend more time at a place you like.
  10. You can travel to different places before finally reaching your favourite destination.
  11. You can join travel and music festivals.
  12. You can visit places and buildings you have only seen in books or heard about.
  13. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes from the window in your train compartment.
  14. You feel proud of yourself afterwards, having managed to move around independently.
  15. Your feeling of independence and self-confidence will increase.
  16. You will see that most people are nice and friendly.
  17. You will have loads of fun and have some exciting stories to remember.
  18. It may make you more curious and open-minded.

See Europe with your Spanish student visa

What are some good points to remember?

  1. Make sure your passport is ok and that the expiry date is far away.
  2. Check with your embassy/travel agency if you need a visa to any country you want to visit. (Be out in good time for this.)
  3. Check if you need to reserve seats for any of the journeys you are taking.
  4. Make appointments with friends you would like to meet at specific places you will be visiting.
  5. Check out cheap but good places to stay, and make the necessary reservations in advance. (Not always necessary but advisable.)
  6. Get guidebooks and start picking out things you want to do.
  7. Use a backpack/rucksack.
  8. Pack comfortable and practical clothes. Remember that you may be travelling overnight or spending several hours on a train.
  9. Don’t take too much with you. Your rucksack can get pretty heavy.
  10. Have a lot of clean T-shirts, especially if you are travelling in the summertime.
  11. Have a practical and secure purse or money belt for your passport, money, and credit card.
  12. Don’t be afraid of travelling alone; you will be a part of a group of other young travellers before you know it.
  13. Don’t let guidebooks, e.g. Lonely Planet decide what you should or should not see and visit.
  14. Start with a positive and “let’s see what happens” attitude.

Atocha train station in Madrid

See Europe with your Spanish student visa

Have a nice trip!

The EBC Road2Spain package gives you a one-year Spanish student visa, a one-year accredited Cervantes Institute Spanish language programme, accredited Trinity CertTESOL certification, and lifetime, worldwide job placement.

No other school in Spain can compete with our Road2Spain Spanish Student Visa programme price and quality. Therefore, Road2Spain is the best value for money you will find.