EBC offers the lowest cost one-year Spanish student visa and TEFL programme in Spain. In addition, it is platinum standard Trinity College London accredited. Be smart! Study at home, then move to Spain. Our Spanish student visa and TEFL programme can save you up to 5,000 dollars. A Trinity College accredited TEFL course. Study at home, then live and work in Spain for up to one year.

The EBC Spanish student visa and TEFL Road2Spain programme is just what you need if you want to get TEFL certified, live in Spain and start work when you arrive.

The best thing about the EBC Spanish student visa and TEFL programme is that you get TEFL certified at home while processing your Spanish student visa.

Get your Trinity CertTESOL while your Spanish student visa is processed, then travel to Spain and work straight away as a certified and accredited English teacher.

Our EBC programme saves you thousands of Dollars.

So, how does it work?

Questions, questions, and lots of them. Here are some FAQS about the EBC Spanish student visa and world-class Trinity CertTESOL certificate programme. In addition to the gold-standard Trinity CertTESOL course, you also get:

  1. a one-year Spanish student visa
  2. a one-year Spanish language programme
  3. lifetime, worldwide job placement that helps you get a job before you land

Did we mention that you get great location choices like Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and San Sebastian?

Keep reading!

Question 1

I am not a European Union passport holder, but I want to get a Trinity CertTESOL and teach in Spain. How do I do this without spending loads of money?

The best way is the EBC Road2Spain package which includes:

  1. a 4-week virtual classroom live streaming Trinity College CertTESOL course
  2. a 1-year Student Visa
  3. a 1-year Spanish Programme from a Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish school
  4. access to our worldwide, lifetime job placement service to help you get a job lined up before you arrive in Spain

Why is this the best? Think about it!

You take your 4-week live streaming virtual classroom CertTESOL course at home.

You save approximately 4,500 to 5,000 Dollars by doing the 4-week course at home.

You save because by taking your Trinity CertTESOL course at home, you do not have to spend money on:

  1. COVID tests
  2. airfare
  3. housing
  4. living expenses
  5. transportation
  6. utilities
  7. upfront full payment for the 1-year Student Visa/Spanish Programme
  8. additional cost for the in-person course (live streaming is 1,190€ and in-person is 1,400€)

Question 2

Where can I take my one-year Spanish language programme?

You can take your one-year Spanish Programme in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or San Sebastian.

Question 3

Would my Spanish classes be 20 hours a week with a student visa?

No. The total number of weeks for the Spanish Programmes is 36 weeks spread across one year. Twenty hours a week is the number of English teaching hours allowed with a student visa.

Question 4

I see benefits to the live streaming virtual classroom and in-person Trinity CertTESOL courses. Which one would you recommend if you were a good friend or family member?

I recommend the virtual classroom live streaming Trinity CertTESOL course.

Why? Like the rest of the world’s big cities, Madrid has another increase in COVID cases.

Therefore, it would not be wise nor honest for EBC to accept people for in-person classes.

Madrid restricts the number of people in schools and training centres, so we cannot promise that in-person classes will happen. Imagine paying all that money to come to Madrid and then finding out that you cannot attend the course because of Madrid State Covid restrictions.

If that happened, you would have to take the live streaming virtual classroom course in a Madrid Hotel, Hostal, or Airbnb. If this happened to me, I’d be furious.

Restrictions change every day, so nothing is certain now except the live streaming virtual classroom course.


My suggestion is: do the course at home (it’s only a 4-week course anyway). Then, come to Spain after you get your Trinity CertTESOL certificate. You arrive in Spain, already CertTESOL certified and ready to work as an EFL teacher. If you’ve been smart, you’ll at least have your job interviews lined up before you land. You can rent AirBnBs for as short as two weeks while you’re looking for long term accommodations.

Most of our Trinity CertTESOL graduates have done it this way and saved loads of money. They did the Trinity CertTESOL at home, then came to Spain TEFL certified and ready to teach.

The live streaming virtual classroom Trinity CertTESOL

Our Trinity CertTESOL courses attract trainees from all over the world. Our Trinity CertTESOL course that ended on July 30 had ten different nationalities in six time zones.

We had trainees from Tokyo, California, Kazakhstan, Dubai, the UK and Spain.

The Trinity CertTESOL live streaming virtual classroom course runs for four weeks. It is an intensive course with built-in flexibility.

Question 5

What are the disadvantages of taking the in-person Trinity CertTESOL in Madrid?

1 – You hardly get to see Madrid.

Our trainees are in class 8 hours a day on the in-person courses. They don’t have much time to enjoy Madrid during the four-week Trinity CertTESOL course. Most evenings after class, they are in their accommodation doing assignments until 11 pm or midnight. They have to be up early to get to class at 9 am. Many of our in-person students now wish they could have done the live streaming virtual classroom course because even though they were in Madrid, they hardly saw it because of the workload. They wish they could have saved a lot of money by studying at home and then coming to Spain.

2 – You have to keep paying rent and feed yourself until you get a job.

Finding a job quickly after finishing the in-person course is crucial. You’ve already spent 4,500 to 5,000 Dollars on a place to work and sleep. You have to keep paying for it until you get a job. In Covid times, this is not as easy or as quick as it used to be, so you do not want to be hanging around with no income in Spain and still have to pay for rent and food.

3 – You have to pay upfront for your one-year Spanish student visa and Spanish language programme.

You must have your student visa stamped in your passport when you arrive in Madrid. Because of this, you pay the full fee for your one year Student Visa and Spanish Programme BEFORE you start your in-person Trinity CertTESOL course. You don’t have to pay upfront if you take the live streaming virtual classroom Trinity CertTESOL course at home. You pay for the Spanish Programme and Student Visa when you know your travel dates.

Question 6

Will my Trinity CertTESOL certificate say ONLINE?

No. The Trinity CertTESOL certificate you get on the live streaming virtual classroom Trinity CertTESOL course is identical to the one from an in-person course.


Question 7

What is the timetable of the live streaming virtual classroom CertTESOL course?

The Trinity College CertTESOL timetable runs from Monday to Friday, from 15:00 (3 pm) – 19:00 (7 pm) Madrid time. You can see more on our web page https://www.ebcteflcourse.com/online-trinity-certtesol-course-timetable/.

Question 8

Is the in-person course better than the live streaming virtual classroom 4-week course?

There is no difference. The course content is identical. You have 5 Units to complete, and you get externally moderated on Day 20, the last Friday of the course.