The six best countries for teaching English abroad

What are the six best countries for teaching English abroad?

Have they changed over the last few years?

There have been some wide-ranging changes in the teaching abroad scenario, including COVID19 and, as reported by Bloomberg, restrictions on private language companies in China about hiring foreign teachers. According to the Bloomberg article, “China’s largest private education firms said they will stop providing classes taught by foreign-based tutors to students in the country”. At EBC, the only Trinity College CertTESOL and CertPT course provider based in Madrid, Spain, we keep ourselves well informed and updated with the continuous changes in the TEFL market. By doing this, we can give our prospective trainees and graduates accurate and current information about TEFL jobs, the hiring market and visa requirements.

Here are the best six countries for teaching English abroad in 2022

An accredited TEFL certificate is vital for finding English teaching jobs pre or post-COVID. The Trinity College CertTESOL certificate is your ticket to finding TEFL jobs abroad, teaching effectively and with confidence. I am an English teacher, and I teach online. Many of us English teachers are teaching internationally online. We reach different students worldwide thanks to the many online teaching platforms available.

As online Trinity College CertTESOL or CertPT certified teachers, we don’t have to put our travel dreams on hold. While travelling abroad is still limited, we can start working online, getting that experience needed to put us on top of the game. I, for one, have had great classes with students from Spain, Russia, China and Japan, all thanks to online teaching. Like my students, I, too, have learned a lot.

As most teachers will agree, we don’t just teach our students; we also learn from them. I had acquired even more knowledge about different cultural beliefs, practices, customs, assumptions of some “native” English countries, food, religion, and many other details I never knew before I had my most recent students. As an English teacher, 2021 was challenging and rewarding at the same time.

To make the information we share more accurate, we gather up to date and ongoing input from the TEFL and TESL markets. We researched over 90 countries, spoke to our graduates, collected feedback and most importantly, gathered information from our partner language schools in different countries. Our partner language schools belong to the group of schools that have been interviewing and hiring Trinity College CertTESOL graduates over the years. We will mention the best six countries to TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of other languages) in 2022. The list can change in the first quarter of the year, and it could stay the same for the next 12 months, we don’t know. However, we will keep you posted as we get new information.

six best countries for teaching English abroad

What are the best countries to teach English in 2022?

Teaching English abroad is a fulfilling experience that has impacted lives. The big question is, where do you teach English? Abroad, at home, online, hybrid teaching? The choices are overwhelming. With the unexpected challenge that COVID has imposed on all our lives, most of our graduates studied their Trinity College CertTESOL at home. After the course, they went to Spain or the country of their choice to work as an English teacher. According to most of the graduates we spoke to, hybrid teaching is the thing. On average, they teach 15 hours online and another 6 to 10 hours face-to-face or onsite. They found that many language schools and clients stuck to their online teaching because they found it more convenient. But, of course, there are still schools that want face-to-face, onsite education. You will find this with primary, secondary and, to some extent, university students.

Where can I teach English abroad?

Up until the last months of 2019, to the first two months of 2020, it was easy to find an English teaching job abroad. As a certified and accredited EFL and ESL teacher, you could choose to work in up to 100 countries. However, from March 2020, the demand for face-to-face EFL teachers dived due to lockdowns, quarantine, and travel regulations. Nevertheless, those certified EFL teachers who had accredited certificates managed to retain a lot more hours than those without one. The COVID has taught us that a worldwide recognised and accepted TEFL certificate is vital to TEFL and TESOL. Trinity College London is a leading international examination board and independent education institution providing assessments worldwide since 1877.

Which country is best for teaching English?

For 2022, six countries stand out as the best places to teach English abroad:

  1. South Korea
  2. Spain
  3. Japan
  4. The Czech Republic
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Poland

teach English abroad in South Korea

1. South Korea

South Korea has always been one of the most popular English teaching destinations. In the last two years, understandably, many have shifted to hybrid teaching in answer to social distancing. Still, the demand for English teaching in schools remains high.

Many South Korean schools have continued hiring EFL teachers for online and face-to-face contracts. Many schools have arrangements where the EFL teacher could teach the curriculum modules online. Another teacher, already in South Korea, would complete the face-to-face modules. Some more prominent schools have transitioned entirely into online teaching in 2020.

We see accredited, certified, and qualified English teachers hired in South Korea. In addition, there are government programmes, the EPIK program being one of them, which has started the 2022-2023 academic year recruitment. As a result, we have listed South Korea as Number 1 on the list of the best EFL countries for 2022.

The visa and work papers processing will be handled before leaving your home country.

Why South Korea is one of the best countries hiring English teachers in 2022

  1. Cost of living & saving opportunities:
    • Most hiring schools will include airfare and housing.
    • Like in any country, salaries and included benefits vary. But, on average, EFL teachers get paid between $1,600 and $ 2,000 per month.
  2. Most first-time English teachers in Korea would have a contract that includes a free return flight, paid holidays, and a one-month salary bonus.

EFL teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, be native English speakers, or be 100% bilingual in English and their mother tongue to qualify for EFL jobs in South Korea. The work visa processing, work contract, and conditions will all be processed before leaving your country. Part of the condition would be to have a clean Police record from your country.

teach English abroad in Spain

2. Spain

Spain has always been one of the most popular destinations for English teaching jobs abroad. Despite COVID, Spain is still in the top 6 most popular countries due to Spain’s many options for finding TEFL jobs. Many teachers have done their Trinity College CertTESOL course in the safety of their homes and later entered Spain with a student visa. They study Spanish for one year, are given a 1year student visa, and work legally as an English teacher for one year. Many renew their student visas for up to 3 years. Many EFL teachers have found this option to be the best. They study at home, get certified, accredited, and teach once they arrive in Spain. An additional plus is the 5000+USD they saved by training at home. If they came to Spain to do their TEFL course, they would have to spend on housing, transportation, food, pocket money, etc., for the duration of the 1month course. They also found out from other teachers that there was a lot of work in those onsite 4-week TEFL courses that they couldn’t go out at night because there was homework. They were just so tired from being in class from 9 am. to 6 pm.! Doing the online course at home and receiving the same Trinity CertTESOL certificate as if they did a face-to-face TEFL course was a definite hands-down winner. Spain, as always, is a strong candidate for the best country to teach English in 2022.

Why is Spain one of the best TEFL countries that need English teachers in 2022?

ESL Job opportunities are abundant, covering language schools, government programmes, summer camps and private clients whether you teach English in person or online.

Many EFL teachers work between 20 to 25 hours per week, allowing you to travel and see Spain and the rest of Europe. In addition, many EFL teachers work four days a week, taking Friday and the weekend to see the different EU countries or explore Spain.

To qualify for EFL jobs in Spain, you must have an accredited, British Council recognised and accepted TEFL certification. In addition, a degree is preferred, and you must be a native English speaker or be 100% bilingual in English and your mother tongue. The work visa processing, work contract, and conditions will all be processed before leaving your country.

teach English abroad in Japan

3. Japan

To teach English in Japan, make sure you understand what is required:

  1. A four-year college degree.
  2. Preferably a recognised and accredited, a TEFL certificate and not just any “cowboy school TEFL certificate”. Suppose you are investing effort, money and time. In that case, you might as well go for the best TEFL certificate, one that is recognised and accepted worldwide. No one ever questions the Trinity College CertTESOL global reputation and quality.
  3. A clean police background check.
  4. Pass a drug and health test.
  5. Be a native English speaker, preferably passport holders from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Have an understanding of the types of English teaching jobs that are available.
  7. Savings for startup costs.

How much money can you make teaching English in Japan?

English teachers in Japan can expect to make $1,500 to $2,500 per month, providing EFL teachers with the opportunity to live a comfortable lifestyle while teaching English in Japan.

Are English teachers in demand in Japan?

Yes, English teachers in Japan are in high demand, and Japan is a popular destination for teaching English abroad. Therefore, an EFL teacher in Japan can expect to find jobs year-round.

What is the JET Program for teaching English in Japan?

JET stands for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. It is a cultural exchange and teaching program sponsored by the Japanese government that employs university-educated, native English speakers to teach English in Japan. Therefore, JET has a prestigious reputation and is a bit more competitive than other teaching programmes in Japan.

teach English abroad in the Czech Republic

4. The Czech Republic

English teachers were in high demand in the Czech Republic before COVID, making it one of the top TEFL job markets in Europe. This was true throughout the country, especially in Prague, the capital city. Unfortunately, like all countries, the Czech Republic has experienced lockdown measures. Despite this, many English language schools and academies are now looking to hire native English teachers once again. These jobs could be for onsite, face-to-face teaching, hybrid, or online classes. As a result, the Czech Republic is good for finding EFL jobs in 2022.

Why the Czech Republic is an attractive destination for teaching English abroad jobs

  1. Thanks to a solid hourly wage, you can live a comfortable lifestyle as an English teacher in the Czech Republic.
  2. You can expect to work around 20 to 25 hours per week, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore Europe.
  3. You can find summer job opportunities at English language camps.

A TEFL certificate and a Bachelor’s degree are required to become an EFL teacher in the Czech Republic.

teach English abroad in Costa Rica

5. Costa Rica

Pre-COVID, Costa Rica, has always been an attractive destination for English teachers overseas. As a result, it has been one of the best markets for English teaching jobs in Latin America. In 2021, despite COVID, many TEFL certified teachers chose Costa Rica to find EFL jobs.

Why Costa Rica is one of the best countries to teach in 2022

  1. You can live a comfortable lifestyle as an English teacher in Costa Rica. It may not be the cheapest Latin American country, but hourly wages are good for the lower cost of living. So when transitioning into Costa Rica, your living expenses could be affordable.
  2. You can expect to work around 20 to 25 hours per week, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore the country. It’s a beautiful country worthy of exploration time.

To work as an EFL teacher in Costa Rica, you must have a TEFL certificate, and a degree is highly preferred.

teach English abroad in Poland

6. Poland

Poland has been lucky because it hasn’t been affected by COVID like other EU countries. Many schools have started giving face-to-face classes, and many schools have mostly returned to in-person learning. As a result, we have seen American English teachers find work and get sponsored for work visas in Poland since the second half of 2020. Therefore, Poland has entered the list of the best countries for EFL jobs in 2022.

Why Poland is one of the best TEFL countries in 2022

  1. In Poland, private language schools hire English teachers in advance from their home country, as long as teachers process their work visas in their home country before departure.
  2. English teachers in Poland live a comfortable life due to an excellent hourly wage. Schools typically offer around 20 to 30 hours per week of work, leaving you plenty of opportunities to travel and explore Poland’s rich history and culture.

A TEFL certificate is still required to get hired in Poland, but teachers do not need a bachelor’s degree, though some schools may prefer it. Previous teaching experience is also not required to find EFL jobs in Poland.

BONUS: Teaching English Online

The online teaching industry was booming even before COVID, and demand for TEFL certified English teachers has increased substantially during the pandemic. However, it’s important to note that all online English schools operate differently and maintain different hiring requirements. It’s possible to teach English online without a bachelor’s degree and prior teaching experience. However, you may have a more competitive job search.

In the COVID era, teaching English online has proven to be a fallback or even a full-time job that you can safely do from home. Online English teachers can command different hourly rates, depending on the school and the teacher’s credentials. On average, online schools can pay between $11 to $22 per hour. More experienced EFL teachers can earn higher hourly rates, especially those who offer private lessons.

BONUS: Trinity’s Certificate for Practising Teachers

The Trinity College CertPT (Practising Teachers) is an in-service vocational teaching qualification is Level 6 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The CertPT has the flexibility to be used for a variety of continuing professional development needs (CPD). The CertPT gives valued certification for CPD relevant to a teacher’s professional context.

Training and assessment are possible in English or bilingually (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese), which means the CertPT does not restrict teachers’ entry to certified CPD based on their language skills. In addition, it helps create an inclusive space for teachers to develop their pedagogical skills collaboratively.