Spanish student visa renewal, a practical, step-by-step guide

OK! Are you thinking about a Spanish student visa renewal? If you are, this article guides you through the process.

If you are almost done with your first year of studies and your Spanish student visa is close to its expiry date, you need to start the renewal process. Please note that just because you have a student visa does not mean you will get it renewed.

What are the requirements for a Spanish student visa renewal?

If you have a Spanish student visa, you can apply for a renewal BEFORE it expires. You must show that you still meet some of the requirements you initially demonstrated for your first Spanish student visa. The criteria for renewal are:

  1. You are studying full-time with an authorised educational establishment
  2. You have economic support
  3. You have health insurance
  4. You are up-to-date and can show a reason to continue studying

When must I submit my application to renew?

The Spanish student visa renewal timeline starts 60 days before the visa expires and ends 90 days after the visa expires.

When you submit your renewal application, your existing student visa remains valid until the outcome of your renewal application is known.

We recommend submitting your renewal within 60 days before your Spanish student visa expires. If you do not, there is a possibility of getting fined up to 500 euros for having an expired student visa.

How do I meet the renewal requirements?

Of the four points shown above, points 1, 2 and 3 are the same as when you applied for your first student visa.

Proving point 4 usually requires that you prove you passed the relevant tests or requirements to enable you to continue studying.

You can prove this by presenting:

  1. a certificate for passing tests or examinations
  2. a progress report approving you for further study

The renewal is linked to what you accomplished, not to your intention of future study.

For example, suppose you were studying on an EBC student visa programme. In that case, you could show your Trinity CertTESOL or Trinity CertPT and a Cervantes Institute Spanish language level certificate.

What is the renewal procedure?

First, you fill out the same form when you applied for your first student visa. You may have filled one out in English at your Spanish consulate or mission, but when you renew, you have to fill out a Spanish form that is here.

Ask a Spanish-speaking friend or ask an immigration lawyer if you are unsure.

Pay the renewal fee using Form 790, Code 052 that is here.

The current renewal fee is about 20 Euros. Confirm the exact amount when you apply for your renewal because prices change.

File your renewal application with your nearest immigration office. You do not have to return to your home country. Student visa renewals get submitted and processed in Spain.

Do I need to make an appointment with the immigration office?

It depends where you are in Spain. In most Spanish provinces, you do not need to make an immigration appointment. Instead, you can go to any immigration office in the region to submit your renewal papers.

The advantage of handing in your papers without an appointment is that you can present them any time you choose before the deadline.

The disadvantages of handing in your papers without an appointment are:

  1. You may forget one or more essential documents. You hand in your documents to a clerk who is not an expert in student visa renewal. Therefore, the clerk cannot tell you if you are missing anything. If there are missing documents, it increases the chances of your application getting rejected.
  2. Your papers might get lost or put on the wrong pile resulting in a long delay. The immigration department processes loads of renewals. Therefore, rather than scanning and emailing your papers, they might be bundled up and surface mailed to the appropriate civil service department.
  3. You cannot enquire about the status of your application. To enquire, you need a case number (número de expediente). Unfortunately, handing your papers to a clerk will not give you a case number.

If you make an appointment, you will give your documents to someone who understands the process and gives you a case number that you can track.

Here is the link to make an appointment.

Should I use an immigration lawyer?

Using an immigration lawyer has a cost, but the immigration lawyer does most of the work for you. In addition, immigration lawyers usually have access to an electronic immigration platform. Therefore, they can file for you regardless of where you are in Spain.

How do I track my renewal application?

Use the renewal tracking system on this web page:

You will need your NIE, TIE or case number (número de expediente), the date when you submitted your renewal application and your birth year. If you handed in your papers and did not make an appointment, the tracking process may not work.

If the system finds your records, it will show you the status of your application.

  1. En trámite: Renewal received and in process
  2. Inadmitido a trámite: Renewal rejected because it does not meet requirements, e.g. missing documents or documents incorrectly filled out
  3. Resuelto – No Favorable: Renewal application denied
  4. Resuelto Favorable: Renewal application approved

How do I know I got renewed?

Use the renewal tracking system.

If your renewal shows Resuelto Favorable, congratulations, you got renewed.

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