TEFL in Madrid is more fun than you can you ever imagine!” written by – William Garcia

Attended: EBC Madrid, Spain in November 2004

Course choice: Google search and a friend’s recommendation

“TEFL in Madrid is more fun than you can ever imagine” Our thanks to 2004 EBC graduate William G. for this post.

I arrived in Madrid in November 2004, and I’ve never looked back. In Madrid, we work hard, but we play harder. We EFL teachers teach as early as 8 am. and can end as late as 7 pm, working 20-25 hours a week but guess what? We earn more and can play more than most full-time office workers in Madrid. Of course, if you want to work more hours, that’s doable as well but if you earn between 1,500 to 1,800 euros a month working fewer hours than a full-time office worker who works 40 to 50 hours a week and makes 800 to 1,000 euros a month, why stress yourself out? Teach, earn, travel, party, and enjoy the Spanish way of life: work hard but play harder.

Why can we do it? The answer is straightforward. We have two accredited, world-recognised certificates that allow us to teach English in any city where we wish to work in.

The next question was, how do I pay for this dream? The answer was and still is, train to be an accredited, certified EBC TEFL/TESOL teacher, work as an EFL teacher abroad and finance your travel dreams. Simple really. Travel can be expensive, but it can also be super affordable when you use your wages as an English teacher. Of course, you must be certified and have accredited certification because the best-paying language schools will only work with certified EFL teachers.

I was sceptical at first, but when I got to EBC and became part of “la familia EBC”, I knew I’d made the right choice. I met a lot of other EBC graduates in Madrid who, just like me, were there to travel, see the world and have some fun as well.

How did I get into this?

The travel bug hit me, I wanted to see Europe, I know it’s teeny weenie compared to the USA, Canada or Australia, but it has always been on my bucket list of things to do. I went with EBC because I’ve always wanted to go to Spain. One great thing about Madrid is that I could visit Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or Prague on my weekends or long weekends and get back to work on a Monday. Europe’s great because it’s small compared to back home where you need about three days, non-stop 24 hours driving between 2 people to cover around 3,000 miles to get from San Francisco to New York and lo and behold, you’re still in the USA! I did that drive once with a girlfriend, and it was not pleasant, and looking back, probably dangerous too. However, we were young, fresh out of college, hadn’t seen the East Coast, so we did it, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Years later, after having decided to work as an EFL teacher to travel Europe, I found to my delight that I could be in three countries in a day! We flew to Amsterdam and then drove from Holland to Belgium and finally to Germany in 1 day. Awesome! It was so exciting and frankly incredible.

Travelling is great, you meet people of all nationalities and form lifetime friendships. You may even learn 1 or 2 foreign languages, leave your heart in a city or two, but what the heck, you are only young once. Live your travel dream and later on, when you’re on the 3M (marriage, motherhood, mortgage) phase of your life, with maybe less free time on your hands, you can look back and say, wow, I’ve been to 20 different countries. And I’ve got all these beautiful memories to look back on, and you know what, I find myself smiling, feeling so happy that I gave myself that chance to live my travel dream and have all these beautiful memories that nothing else can ever give me. Digital tourism is OK, but nothing beats the real thing, the real feel, the real smell of 20, 30, even more countries in a lifetime.

A por ella, vamos a Madrid y disfrutemos de la vida! Go for it, let’s go to Madrid and enjoy life!