Help! I need to refresh my EFL and ESL teaching skills.
Is there a way to do it without doing my Trinity CertTESOL or CELTA all over again?

What is a TEFL refresher course?

A TEFL refresher course is designed to bring you back to the basics, stir up your interest, reinforce what you learned and bring in new material. Think of it as a memory jogger and new training rolled into one. A TEFL refresher course reviews some of the fundamentals you may have forgotten and introduces new information you may not know. There are several reasons why TEFL refresher training is necessary.

When you do a course focused on refreshing teaching skills, you add a qualification to your CV. You update your skills, making you more current and interesting to schools looking for teaching staff. Alternatively, you may have been away from teaching or an area of teaching for a while and want to review what you learned.

Introducing the “EBC TEFL Pearls” TEFL refresher courses

EBC TEFL Pearls are affordable, single-subject, practical courses that allow you to revitalise your teaching skills with the latest methods used in English Language Teaching.

The EBC TEFL Pearls courses are designed for experienced or qualified English (ESL/EFL) teachers who wish to refresh their skills, learn new ideas about language teaching methodology, discover new classroom activities, and share ideas with other teachers worldwide.

Each course is designed for teaching to individual students through to large classes. Multi-skill levels are also taken into account. The courses will motivate you and give you ideas for teaching, reading, writing, listening, and grammar. These courses are practical and hands-on. They cover a wide range of topics and areas of language teaching. All course schedules are flexible and the course sessions chosen are designed to meet your needs and fit in with your schedule. This means that you can take the courses while you are working. You do not need to take time off work to take the courses.

The new EBC CertTESOL+TEFL course

Another reason our TEFL refresher courses may be good for you is if you may not want to take one of our Trinity College London courses. Perhaps you are already a practising teacher of another subject and want to learn English teaching skills. Maybe you are unsure about English teaching as a career and don’t want to splash out just yet. Whatever reason you have, we provide a high-quality EBC TEFL course, the EBC CertTESOL+TEFL. Please note that our EBC TEFL Pearls courses are based on some of the CertTESOL+TEFL course units.

The EBC CertTESOL+TEFL is a dual certification course in TESOL and TEFL with the following benefits:

  1. Worldwide, lifetime job placement
  2. Written to Ofqual level 5 standards based on our Trinity CertTESOL course material
  3. Downloadable certificate issued the moment you pass
  4. Any time after you pass the EBC CertTESOL+TEFL course, you can upgrade to a Trinity CertTESOL and we will discount 100% of your €500 CertTESOL+TEFL course fee.
    That’s right, you only pay €790 to take the Trinity CertTESOL!

Going back to the classroom

Around the world, many schools are starting to return, and some are teaching online or adopting a blended approach.

An EBC TEFL Pearls refresher course could be your life saver no matter where your classroom is.

Learning fit for the 21st century.

Teachers and learners have shown they are adaptable, creative and determined. Technology will never replace the teacher, but it does offer lots of exciting opportunities. Explore our advice on how to get the most out of digital tools and technology, alongside face-to-face contact time. Anything teachers can do – can technology do better?