TEFL travelling bug, Europe and Madrid – EBC TEFL graduate stories

TEFL travelling bug, Europe and Madrid” – Lauren Bonheim
Attended: EBC Madrid, Spain
Course choice: Referred by friends (U. Delaware)

Lauren Bonheim

The travel bug bit me young, and it got me good. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the itch to go. Go where you ask? Elsewhere. If I fight the craving, the itch fights back. It spreads throughout me until I’m forced to surrender myself.

Maybe this is the fault of my parents, who exposed me to the world of travel early on. Some of my earliest memories include frantically throwing together a backpack, anxiously awaiting our next departure.

When I was 13, Europe and I had our first encounter. I think this was the trip that ultimately broke me. The high was overwhelming. Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm: towering stunning blondes; St. Petersberg: the graceful elegance of the Russian ballet; Amsterdam: the charming gloom of the grey canals; Paris: warm gooey baguettes straight from the oven. We drove, we flew, we cruised. I knew I’d never be the same.

College study abroad was a dream come true, and I got the chance to venture out again. But, four months studying abroad in Madrid was a tease. Europe and I weren’t finished with each other yet. So, that’s where I am now, back in one of my favourite cities, Madrid, living, teaching and always wandering.

I want to think that sometimes it’s necessary to lose yourself to find yourself. That you can never really know exactly who you are until you first let yourself go. Somehow, I hope I continue to have the opportunity to wander this world, to lose myself in cities, art, fashion, faces and love. Every time I find myself, I hope I lose myself again.

That’s why I started my blog. To share experiences with fellow wanderers as we help each other along the way. And, just maybe, I’ll even have the privilege of inspiring some others to take a chance.

In my opinion, everyone deserves the chance to wander. Everyone deserves to lose themselves.