“The motivation to study abroad” written by – Adam Rhynes

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Attended: EBC Chania, Crete in September 2012

Course choice: Recommended by a friend

The reason to study abroad

My name is A. Angelo Rhynes. I have always been proud of my AmeriCorps, volunteering and teaching special education. I turned 40 this year, and I am very proud of that fact, but I am more entertained and jubilant with what I have accomplished in my life.


There is a place called Greece. My family is from there. I went there to study, and I found that the waters, the people and the energy were enormously and outrageously fantastic. My point being… I went to Chania to study how to become a better teacher. Two brave and wonderful women supported me and a cast of students who wanted to learn my California English… Success! And please forgive the ellipses, but E.E. Cummings is one of my heroes. My significant point is this; Chania and the people there are pretty remarkable.

There was a point two years ago when I decided that I needed to travel again. I have been worldwide and have always loved that aspect of my life, but something was missing. The thing I figured missing was a way to stay, work and play.

I decided to question some friends about their teaching certifications, and with some research, I found out about EBC. I also love the ocean…so… and the story goes. I drove from Austin, Texas, to Philadelphia with a friend. I stayed three nights and then boarded a cargo ship bound for Antwerp, Belgium… I spent twelve days on the ship with a primarily Romanian and Filipino crew. I went through safety drills about pirates and ate with the officers… I drank wine with the Romanians and did not see another boat until just out of the English Channel. Finally, I made it to Europe; then, there were trains and wonderful madness.


Best places to find TEFL jobs in GreeceI finally arrived in Chania Crete after a series of colourful events… and by that, I mean the smells and the colours. I crossed from Amsterdam to Rome in what I still consider a fury of the senses… conversational language was changing every stop, and so was the environment… I have been overwhelmed before… I have lived in Finland for a semester… anyways… when I settled into Greece, I was greeted by a wonderful woman who directs the school… Olga was a joy, as was her co-teacher. I settled into an apartment at an extremely reasonable rate and started learning how to teach English to those who wanted to learn.

After a month… and this is amazing… I loved everything about the process and the teaching and the school. So  I vowed to go back. There seriously is nothing better than the immersion of sight, sound and smell when it comes to culture and hospitality… the only thing I would do differently is not to have left.

The coordination of the events that led to my certificate is by far one of the most outstanding events in my life… with life, love and travel. It sometimes takes a support team, and I am very thankful to have had this organisation and the people that I met in Greece… and, for that matter, all over Europe.


A. Angelo Rhynes