Want more teaching job attention? Use LinkedIn

If you want more teaching job attention, we highly recommend that you use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best place to get more teaching job attention.

This advice is based on our experience so far with a few social networks.

  • Twitter – great for a headline and a link. Useless for job seekers because there is nowhere to store a full profile.
  • Facebook – great for gossip, cute pet photos, general chit-chat and trivia. Useless for jobs because it is a friend network.
  • LinkedIn – lousy for headlines and personal chats but absolutely the best for promoting yourself as a professional teacher, getting advice and finding job opportunities.

Oddly enough, LinkedIn is still a stranger to many of our course attendees. It is viewed as a fuddy-duddy site where managers hang out and elitist chats take place.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a business and professional network but there are a lot of people in the network who are very down-to-earth, have good things to say and have a great sense of humour.

LinkedIn may have started as a B2B network but it has evolved into much more than that. It is a way to make contacts, show your skills and find a lot of work opportunities that probably never make it to the job boards. It is also a good source of information and new ideas.

About a year ago EBC opened up its “Teach English abroad: training, jobs, advice and more” LinkedIn group. The day we opened it up to the public we had 40 members. A year later, we have close to 2,500 members.

Yes, we advertise our services and publish our internal blog posts on the group but we also get good contributions from other members as well. External contributions are articles and job opportunities.

There’s a job section in the group and there are usually a few interesting openings advertised.

To recap:

  • The EBC teach English abroad group has almost 2,500 members and includes jobs
  • I have almost 1,000 contacts and close to 1,100 followers
  • The EBC company page has 280 followers

The interest in EBC and what we do is self-evident on LinkedIn.

In comparison, Facebook is the poor cousin to LinkedIn, but this is not surprising because EBC is a professional company and Facebook probably is not where we belong.

If you are a professional then, just like EBC, LinkedIn is the place to be, get noticed and get hired.