We compare the International TEFL Academy online TEFL course with the gold-standard online Trinity CertTESOL course.

The following table shows a line by line comparison of the International TEFL Academy online TEFL certificate course to the EBC online Trinity CertTESOL.

You will be amazed to find the inferior TQUK course run by International TEFL Academy costs almost 550 USD more than the Trinity CertTESOL. Go figure!

Comparison table

Feature Trinity CertTESOL International TEFL Academy
Cost 1,450 USD (1,290 Euros) 1,999 USD
Who accredits the course?
Accredited by Trinity College London TQUK
Year founded 1877 2013
“Ivy League” (1) style accreditation Yes No
Accreditor also runs international English exams in 60+ countries Yes No
Accreditor is one of the world’s largest educational organisations Yes No
The certificate, its acceptance and its recognition
Certificate name Trinity CertTESOL TQUK Certificate in TEFL
Level Ofqual 5 Ofqual 5
Mentioned by name on job advertisements Yes No
Guaranteed, no questions asked certificate acceptance for prestigious schools in over 110 countries (2) Yes No
Worth between 30 and 60 university credits (3) Yes No
Course hours and content
Course length Four weeks Four weeks
Total course hours 200 170
Delivery method Online, live-streaming using ZOOM Online, live-streaming using ZOOM
Hours of observed teaching practise with feedback 6 6
Who arranges and organises your teaching practice classes We do You do
Hours observing experienced teachers 4 4
Flipped-learning where you experience what it is like to learn a foreign language Yes No
Specialised training for developing and teaching individualised courses Yes No
Published Syllabus Yes Yes
Published management, operational and administrative standards Yes No
Maximum class size 10 12
Assigned trainers 2 Not specified
Independent moderation and quality control
A visiting moderator independently moderates every course Yes No
Every course is independently quality control checked by a visiting moderator Yes No
A different moderator visits each course Yes Not applicable
Published moderation and quality control standards Yes No
Trainers independently checked and approved by the accreditor Yes No
Annual trainer competencies check and signoff by the accreditor Yes No
Additional features
A dedicated course and career counsellor/adviser Yes Yes
Worldwide job help Yes Yes
Lifetime, worldwide, proactive job placement that sends your CV directly to school hiring managers around the globe Yes No
Lifetime helpdesk support Yes Yes
Continuing Professional Development Yes No
Path to further qualifications like the Ofqual level 6 CertPT and  the Ofqual level 7 DipTESOL Yes No
  1. The TEFL/TESOL, “Ivy League” of qualifications, is very small. There are only two members, CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL.
  2. These are prestigious British Council schools. Unfortunately, the British Council only automatically accepts CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL certificates.
  3. The base value of the Trinity CertTESOL is 30 credits. However, some universities offer up to 60 credits.