English currently dominates among the three working languages of the EU, and seeing that many countries use English as their second language, the role of English as the lingua franca (the medium of communication between non-native speakers of English) in Europe is unlikely to be shaken.

This said, the Generation Z (also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, Founders, Plurals, or the Homeland Generations) should look into training for another skill that will give them work experience in the EU.

Many EU companies will still prefer employees with work experience outside the UK, those who are experienced in working with other cultural groups and has English as their mother tongue.

As experienced EFL or ESL teachers, working in Europe can be an option if you decide to leave the UK and live in one of the EU countries for some time or permanently.

If you have lived for a certain number of years in many of the EU countries, for example Spain, you can apply for Spanish citizenship giving you dual citizenship. Doing this gives you the option of living and working in the EU or in the UK should the Brits lose their right to work and live in the EU.

My suggestion, invest in training.

Get as much work experience abroad as you can to prepare for whatever BREXIT may bring on a long term basis.

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