Games/ competitions

English teaching resources: Games/ competitions

English level: A1, A2 Objective: Practising listening and speaking by asking questions. Vocabulary practice. Introduction In general, it is important to maintain a high motivation level among students in foreign language classes, and specifically if students are beginners, children or adolescents. Having fun-based activities, light-hearted competitions and games are some ways to keep the students´Read More »English teaching resources: Games/ competitions
TEFL Job Interview – Part 2

ALL You Need to Know for a TEFL Job Interview – Part 2

Table of contents Less is more! Ask appropriate questions TEFL interview questions about language awareness TEFL interview questions about your teaching and classroom management TEFL job interview questions about your interests, expectations and aspirations Other TEFL job interview questions Face to face and Skype TEFL interviews TEFL interview lesson plans TEFL interview questions to askRead More »ALL You Need to Know for a TEFL Job Interview – Part 2